With so many different types of hats on the market, it can sometimes be hard to make a decision when it comes to shopping for a new baseball cap. Fitted, NBA snapbacks, flat bill…there’s just so much choice out there! Lots of people often aren’t even aware of the main differences between the various styles and options on the market right now.

Although hats were historically worn to mark military rank or social status, these days hats, particularly baseball caps, are a common part of culture in countries like the USA. The wearing of baseball caps was proliferated through engagement in sports such as baseball.

Ball caps are defined as having panel construction and a front facing brim. Below, we’re going to take a look at the different types of ball caps according to how they adjust in order to fit on your head, as well as what materials they are made from and the different types of styles that are constructed.

Types of Hat

Snapback Hats

Although these types of hats were a favourite amongst sports fans in the 1950s, it wasn’t until the 1990s that snapbacks became a coveted item, partly due to its popularity amongst the hip hop scene with everyone from N.W.A. to Will Smith. Their main feature is that they have plastic snaps to adjust the diameter (size) of the hat.

Strapback Hats

Strapbacks are similar in design to snapbacks, but the key difference is that instead of the plastic snap closure, they use a poly band, velcro or adjustable leather band to change the diameter.

Fitted Hats

The sizing for fitted hats will correspond to the circumference of your head, usually in inches, so get that measuring tape out and measure your head. Buy accordingly, and maybe try some on to check the fit before you purchase. These types are one of the most popular styles of baseball caps.

5-Panel Hats

5-panel hats are derived from the design of cycling caps. Worn by legends such as film director Spike Lee, 5-panel hats are favoured by many, particularly those in the skate scene. Different to your standard ball cap design, 5-panel hats are constructed with two side panels, two top panels and a panel at the front, usually with a logo on it.

Trucker Hats

Originally worn by farmers and truck drivers, these types of hats are usually made from foam and mesh panelling and often have a snapback closure. Another recognisable feature is the high crown. The trucker hat was brought into the mainstream in the early 2000s, where a lot of celebs were spotted in these hats, and brands like Von Dutch and Ed Hardy were impossible to escape.

Flexi-fit Hat

This type of fit was super popular in the 90s. These flexi-fit hats are usually made out of a “poly-weave spandex” which stretches to fit your dome. We don’t always subscribe to the idea of “one size fits all” but in the case of the flexi-hat, it’s a truly versatile cap which usually can fit most head sizes and shapes.

Types of Cap Material

Cotton Twill

This texture is more lightweight than brushed cotton but is very durable. A very popular material for ball caps.

Brushed Cotton 

A cotton-based fabric that has been brushed over to create a delicately soft texture. A natural fabric like this is great for breathability.

Brushed Canvas

A similar process to brushed cotton, cotton canvas is repeatedly brushed to create a calfskin-like, delicate finish. This fabric is another solid choice for durability because of how tough it is.

Washed Chino Twill

Another type of cotton textile which is an incredibly popular option for baseball caps.

Polyester Mesh

A mixed textured, synthetic fabric where the weave is usually very breathable.

Wool Blend

Although this fabric has a heavier weight to it than synthetic or cotton fabrics which means it’s better for colder weather, it is another textile that is long-lasting and can stand the test of time.

Hopefully this list will give you a better idea of the styles and fabrics that ball caps and baseball hats come in. Shop our headwear collection here.

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