The Coolest US Sports Logos For Non-US Sports Fans

The Coolest US Sports Logos For Non-US Sports Fans

Like it or not, a team’s aesthetics are important. Sure, they won’t make much of a difference when the players are out on the field, but fans want to feel proud wearing the team’s colours and logo on their Mitchell and Ness snapback. It has to be something they might even wear even if they didn’t support the team.

On that point, more and more non-sports fans have begun wearing sports merch simply as streetwear, not giving a care or thought to the team whose logos they’re covered in and what their record may or may not have been the past few seasons.

With that in mind, we thought it might help to put together a quick guide of the coolest US sports logos for that non-sports fan who doesn’t care about the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup and might not even know what they are or which sports they belong to--they just want some cool-looking threads.

New York Rangers (NHL)

Of all the sports popular in the US, the National Hockey League might have possibly the coolest collection of logos of them all and the iconic New York Rangers Shield is easily among the coolest.

Detroit Red Wings (NHL)

Part of what makes the Red Wings’ logo so cool is the stylish way it incorporates the name of the team with something integral to the history of its namesake city, placing the titular wings on a car wheel.

Boston Bruins (NHL)

Did you know that a ‘bruin’ is actually a name for a bear commonly used in English folk tales for children? Probably not and who really cares? The Boston hockey team’s logo is simple and stylish and looks great on a cap.

Dallas Cowboys (NFL)

Speaking of simple and stylish, they don’t come much more understated and elegant than the logo for the Dallas Cowboys. The white and blue star fits so seamlessly into any attire, you wouldn’t even know it was a sports team logo.

Arizona Cardinals (NFL)

You don’t have to look too far to spot an animal mascot in the NFL or any other sport, but having a mascot does bring with it certain design challenges. The Arizona Cardinals is one of the best examples of incorporating the mascot into the team logo.

New York Giants (NFL)

If you’re a fan of typefaces and fonts, you can’t go past the New York Giants’ unique and singular logo. It may not be as iconic as the MLB’s Yankees (which we’ll get to in a moment), but certainly does stand out.

Oakland Raiders (NFL)

Oakland Raiders merch is one of the best choices for non-sports fans because their logo has well and truly crossed over beyond sports, perhaps not quite as much as the Yankees logo, but if Ice Cube is rocking your merch, that’s a serious tick of approval.

New York Yankees (MBL)

Ah, the Yankees. They don’t come much more iconic than this. Quite simply, no other logo looks quite like that of the New York Yankees. It’s just so unique, so stylish, so sleek. In a word: it’s simply classic.

Chicago White Sox (MBL)

Whilst the Yankees may arguably be the most iconic and well-known Major League Baseball team, you have to give points to the Chicago White Sox, whose vertical logo looks as great on a cap as it does on a jersey.

Chicago Bulls (NBA)

Speaking of iconic logos, when non-basketball fans think of basketball, they think of the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan’s legendary run as their star player. The logo also happens to be plenty menacing and will forever be associated with one of the best ever to play the game.

New York Knicks (NBA)

Whilst the Knicks can’t stake a claim to the kind of record that the Bulls can be proud of, the unique scale and perspective in their logo design and the mix of light blues and oranges make it stand out.

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