The Case for NBA - Why it's the best sport of all time

For many, this is a ridiculous article that really doesn’t need to be written and explained. We know NBA is the best sport of all time and it’s pointless wasting breath trying to explain this. On the other hand, how fantastic would it be if you could spread the hype and get the world together on this exciting sporting culture. Gather your NBA jumpers and jerseys, grab your mate who’s not in on the latest news and read on.

There’s a million reasons to jump on board with the NBA season and the culture surrounding it. Sure it seems like it has a bandwagon vibe sometimes, but we’re in the middle of finals frenzy! The title of ‘best player in the league’ is at stake! However exciting this all seems, most American and international fans miss out. Although some polling sources try and suggest that NFL or Baseball are the top sports in the USA, they are simply not. Nothing beats the NBA culture. There are easily hundreds of reasons we can present to you about the epic game that is NBA, but we’ll save you time and just rattle off these:


There is no other sport that has the number of iconic household names. Think for a minute, has your mate heard of LeBron James, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Shaquille O’Neal, Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden...Michael Jordan?! The list of noteworthy names goes on, but this quickly proves that the NBA is a place of recognizable names for a variety for different reasons.


No other sport shows someone’s true colours quicker. Imagine you’re playing a 3 on 3 game at the local court. You quickly learn who is selfish, who’s better under pressure and who is always hustling. The same is true to full scale NBA. We know that James is impervious to pressure. Curry has fun when he plays. Westbrook has a fiery passion. Griffin shrinks from the centre of the spotlight. Players become exposed - for better or for worse.


If you’ve never been to an NBA game, you are missing out. It is the best experience in sports that you can have as a spectator. Not just because the games are exciting and fast-paced, but the entertainment is fun and engaging. No one has ever left an NBA game bored.


The salary rules are set up to encourage players to stick around. While great players can switch teams, it’s far more likely to see superstars hang around.


NBA games all include moments of joy and moments of obvious frustration. You’ll quickly see that when you make a 3-pointer, you dance. Miss an open shot and shake your head. There are no unwritten rules that forbid emotion (looking at you, baseball) and there’s nowhere to hide on the court.


This team is historically great right now. If you’re missing out now it’s the same that missing 1965 Beatles.

Get everyone together, grab some merch and jump on this bandwagon!

What else do you love about the NBA?

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