Novelty Socks: What’s The Hype About?

Novelty Socks: What’s The Hype About?
The modern gentleman doesn’t always feel comfortable expressing himself in bright bold colours but luckily there is one item of clothing where he can do exactly what he wants: socks. If you feel like repping your favourite sports team, cartoon characters or just pulling off some crazy colours, your socks are the most fashionable way to do it. Take it from us: over in Central London the only pops of colour you’ll see in a man’s wardrobe are around his feet, where it’s basically a competition to own the coolest pair of socks. In Melbourne we also love wearing black on black so your socks are one spot where you can let a little bit of personality shine through. But if you’re unsure about sock brands, don’t worry, our collection of awesome Stance socks Australia have your feet covered.

At Cap-Z we’re not afraid of a little competition either: our Stance socks have become collectible items, with the trendiest pairs selling out fast.

So how can you wear your own? We style three different looks to get you started.

Sports Team Socks
We all love to rep our team but not all of us are game to wear a full blown jersey. So how about your socks? Sports team socks go great with your casual weekend styles, just picture these Stance Chicago Bulls socks peeking out from under jeans. Fellow fans will appreciate these socks and they’re a nice touch when watching a game. You could even match your socks to your sports cap for a sport-focused yet understated look.

The Vintage Cartoon Sock
An on-trend sock that makes people smile is the aim of the game when it comes to fashion socks. Vintage cartoon socks like our Stance Mickey Socks are smart enough to be worn under a suit while still adding a pop of colour and fun into your work day. Trust us, no one wears plain white or black socks to work anymore. Try these dusty pink Mickey Socks on with your best shoes and see for yourself how a little bit of fun and humour can go a long way.

The Movie Buff Sock
You’ve repped your favourite sports teams and childhood cartoons so why not wear your favourite movies? One of the cool things about socks is the usual fashion rules don’t apply. Socks don’t have to match your outfit so you can get away with virtually anything. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or love films like Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, there’s a cool pair of movie socks out there for you. Movie socks tend to come in bright block colours so they go with practically everything, but especially an otherwise dark coloured outfit.

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