Social distancing bloggers and influencers everywhere have been trying to work out exactly what to wear during lockdown, and while memes abound about our degenerating state of style consciousness, shifting from glam outfits to staying in pyjamas, no one has reached a definitive answer. Personally I am usually in the pyjama camp, yet when faced with the possibility of pyjamas being the only thing to wear day in and day out, I suddenly find myself craving better options.

Thinking back over better times, the athleisure street styles of 2018 seems like the obvious place to look for lock-down outfit inspiration, harking back to the times when Vogue asked, “Can You Wear Gigi Hadid’s Athleisure in Real Life?” From then on no one wanted to wear anything other than leggings and t-shirts when doing everything except going to the gym. And the reason why was obvious: athleisure is amazingly comfortable, on trend and easy to put together even if, “you’re not the kind of girl to wear leggings”. For myself, athleisure combines the comfort of pyjamas with the functionality of gym clothes, and the endless variety of colours and styles doesn’t hurt, either. But that trend came and went (although arguably leggings are here to stay) until, fast forward to 2020, and we all suddenly want comfortable clothes again.

However, this time we want more emphasis on style, since you won’t catch us wearing actual yoga pants while the gym studios are closed. Which leads us to this Toronto Raptors Henley t-shirt by Mitchell and Ness ( Henleys just look good but they  also easily convert into pyjamas when the need for a lockdown nap arises. Cosy, long sleeve t-shirts featuring our favourite sports teams are here to replace boyfriend jean with the boyfriend t-shirt. Dress up the Mitchell and Ness henley t-shirt with a pair of black pants and statement accessories and you’re ready for your first date over Zoom.
But if you’re looking for something a little more cosy, although just as cute, then a sports league mesh t-shirt could become your go-to. Back in 2018 Gigi Hadid’s model sister, Bella Hadid, was seen wearing mesh sports t-shirts over tight fitting crop tops, combining high fashion style with sports wear. You won’t have any trouble pulling off this fresh look at home by pairing a simple mesh tee with your favourite singlet and jeans. The Mitchell and Ness Slouchy Mess Tee ( features the Chicago Cubs blue, red and white team colours, and has that slouchy boxy structure that gives you that ultimate sports stye. There’s just something so nostalgic and comforting about wearing a cosy t-shirt featuring your favourite childhood sports team, and that’s a level of comfort that pyjamas can’t provide.