Making Caps Cool Again: 5 Rules to Follow

Making Caps Cool Again: 5 Rules to Follow

Whether snapback or five-panel, Starter or Flexfit snapback, in Australia the baseball cap has long been a polarizing item, especially when it comes to menswear conversations. There’s just as many detractors as there are fans, just as many people who won’t leave the house without their favorite cap as there are people who claim they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one.

Whether you fall into the former or latter camp, two things remain true. Firstly, the humble baseball cap, which has been around longer than you or I, is a controversial accessory. Secondly, it really shouldn’t be. The issue is simply that the cap has been misused and abused by certain individuals when the fact of the matter is, you just need to know what you’re doing.

  1. Understand That Caps Are Meant to Be Casual

Despite their controversial and polarizing status in the world of menswear, caps are just as popular as they ever have been. Among sports fans, non-sports fans, and celebrities trying to hide from the paparazzi. In fact, the likes of Gucci tried to capitalize on the humble head wear by showcasing their own during various fashion week events. To this we must say, simply, no. Baseball caps are meant to be casual wear, so let’s keep them that way.

  1. Get a Cap That’s Right For You

One of the reasons people tend to be down on caps is they simply don’t know how to pick the right one for them. This may sound a little strange, but think of your head like a fingerprint. Yours is going to be different to everyone else’s, so you need something that suits you and your dimensions. Get a cap that’s right for you, in other words. That means the right size, style, and colour.

  1. Make It An Accessory

The baseball cap is an accessory, so treat it like one. That means your cap should match the rest of your outfit. We’re not saying everything has to be perfectly colour coordinated, but your cap should match the overall style and colour scheme of your outfit. We’re also not saying that your cap should blend perfectly, they can stand out and add some colour or something unique to your look. Just consider whether the style and colour is right for the look you’re going for.

  1. Get Something Good

If you’re going to rock the cap, then really rock it. That means you shouldn’t go down to your local K-Mart and get some poor quality, off-brand cap that smells vaguely of plastic and is simply going to make your head itch in the long run. Just like any other piece of clothing, you shouldn’t ignore quality, so invest in something that will last and will feel comfortable.

  1. Know When to Replace It

Even cap lovers could use a little advice, especially if they’ve been holding onto their favorite cap way longer than they should. Like your favorite Swiss cheese T-shirt or overly distressed jeans, sometimes you need to learn when to let go and get something new. If your cap has collected a few holes, starting to visibly wear, is covered in indelible sweat stains (yikes), or the colours have all but drained from the material, it’s time to buy a new cap.

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