Majestic: Our Fan Favourites

Majestic: Our Fan Favourites

We’ve sorted through Majestic’s latest drop and picked out 5 of our favourites. There’s something for everyone in the range. Take a look through our favourite Majestic T shirts or check out what’s new and pick your own.

Are you part of the #raidersnation? Show your support with this Oakland Raiders Tee. It's casual and comfortable with graphics on both the front and back. Don’t just wait till game day, these everyday tees let you rep your team any day of the week.

Next in line is the Miami Marlins Jersey. You can’t go wrong with this classic. It goes with anything so it’s the perfect addition to your lineup. It’s sleek and crisp with blue and red logo detailing. They might not have had their best round this year, but with a poetic close to the season, the Marlins are a team always worth supporting. 

No line up should ever be complete without an absolute classic crowd favourite. Enter the New York Yankees. While this season may have been a bit of a roller coaster for the Yankees they’re a team that have always brought their game. Get prepared for the Yankees to come back swinging with this classic tee available in black if you’re feeling like mourning this season, white for those ready and hopeful for the next.

Here’s why we think you should back the Boston Red Soxs. The reigning World Series champs may not have made it this year, coming in at third, their first loss in their division since 2015. However, this is the fuel to relight that Red Sox fire. Grab this Red Sox Jersey and hold tight for a return next season.

Of course we’ve saved our best to last. While it’s important to keep backing the teams that didn't quite make it this year, let’s celebrate the ones that smashed it out of the park. The Dodgers broke the National League’s record of most home runs in a season, as well as breaking the record for wins in a season. This Dodgers Tee is bright and bold, just like their season this year. 

From NFL to NBL Majestic has your merch needs covered. Stay up to date with all the latest drops and be ready for every season with CAP-Z.

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