How To Wear a Fedora

How To Wear a Fedora

Fedoras. Back in the day no man of substances would be caught without one. Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart, Harrison Ford and more recently Johnny Depp, Miranda Kerr and Justin Timerlake have all made the fedora the classiest hat around. These days they’re a staple piece for both men and women and work well with dressed up looks as well as casual styles. Don’t believe us? Let us show you how it’s done.

Straw Fedoras
In Melbourne, where we have three seasons in a day, Fedoras serve the dual purpose of keeping us warm in the cold and keeping us sheltered from the sun. Light felt fedoras do a bit of both but if you really want a summer hat then a straw fedora is for you. Ladies will have no problem putting a straw fedora together with jeans and a tee or their favourite summer dress, but gents should take a leaf out of Viggo Mortensen’s lookbook. Personally we think this hat looks great paired with blank apparel for a classic and effortless style. 

Stingy Fedoras
The stingy fedora, also known as the pork pie fedora, has a short close fitting brim. More of a head cover than a shade hat, this fedora is your best friend in winter. The stingy is less formal than your wide brim varieties and can be worn with almost any casual outfit, but if you do like to wear a suit then a stingy will cap things off nicely.

Wide Brim Fedoras
The classic wide brim fedora was once worn by Frank Sinatra and Humphrey Bogart. Nowadays, thanks in no small part to the Indiana Jones franchise, they’ve been taken up by modern cowboys, hipsters and jet setters for a seriously versatile look. Wide brim fedoras work great with both branded and blank apparel and add a gentleman's touch to smart-casual outfits.

Novelty Fedoras
For the experienced fedora wearer looking for something different, a novelty style fedora is sure to get attention. These fedoras come in bright colours, interesting materials and innovative styles. They can be the focal point on an otherwise understated outfit or match your own unique look. Check out Johnny Depp’s fedora style for this one.

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