Five Snapback Moments From Movie History

Five Snapback Moments From Movie History
Flexfit’s classic snapback, the Flexfit 110 Premium Snapback Cap, is here to shake up our Tik Tok and Zoom meetings in a plethora of colours. Established in 1994, Flexfit produce our favourite classic snapback caps that always fit perfectly and exude quality of style with their wool-blend fabric. The Flexfit 110, named for its ability to fit all ten sizes, is the obvious choice for covering those lock-down bad hair days. And now that Australia has discovered Zoom and Tik Tok, the 90s era cap is primed for a comeback. To get you inspired, let’s look at five famous snapback moments from movie history:

1. Back to the Future

Who can forget the shimmering snapback worn by Marty McFly in Back To The Future trilogy? The original Marty McFly metallic rainbow snapback might be a bit out there for your business calls, but the Flexfit Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Cap will add the impression of depth and graphic pattern to your snapback style that even Marty McFly would envy.

2. Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump’s iconic Bubba red snapback worn over his outgrown hair has serious 2020 vibes. Australians can get their own Forrest look with a Flexfit classic dad cap snapback in cranberry to add a shot of colour when “running” from Zoom meeting to Zoom meeting.

3. A League of Their Own

Geena Davis plays a talented baseball player in 90s hit A League of Their Own. Her dark blue snapback and white boiler suit make her a star from the beginning, so whether you’re replying emails or doing a Tik Tok dance, this snapback is a game changer. Flexfit snapback have their own take on the classic baseball cap with their 110c Pro Formance Cap in Royal to get you looking as sharp as Geena.

4. Wayne’s World

Hilarious Wayne and Garth brought the black trucker snapback back into fashion with the 1992 hit movie Wayne’s World. You might want to try this style while hosting your own online show from your basement, so luckily Flexfit have updated the classic trucker hat with their 660 YP Classics Retro Trucker Cap in black. The mesh panelling will even keep you cool if you decide to add a long blond wig and an electric guitar.

5. Legally Blonde

OK, so there’s no snapback in the 2001 comedy Legally Blonde starring Reese Witherspoon per se, but her character, Elle, does wear a huge amount of pink hats, which saw the pink snapback have a resurgence back in the 00s. Channel that Ivy League student look by pairing a Flexfit Classic Retro Trucker Cap in pink with your favourite varsity sweater and you’ll feel ready for Harvard Law School in no time.

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