Custom Flexfit Australia Hats At CAP-Z

Custom Flexfit Australia Hats At CAP-Z

We have a great range of awesome products available at CAP-Z, but sometimes what you really need is something that no one else has. With our advanced and reliable embroidery machines, you can get your hands on a fresh custom design on the blanks from Flexfit Australia. Hit us up through to chat with our specialist consulting CAP-Zpert (yep, we’ve got our experts sporting their own made-up titles) to see the different kinds of embroidery we can help you with.

We’ve got a number of embroidery methods available across a range of cap styles and fits - these are available in a huge range of colours too. From flat single coloured designs to multidimensional and multicoloured logos. 

Stuck for ideas? Let us take you through some the most common - and a few of wackiest - reasons our customers opt for a custom embroidered hat from CAP-Z.

Support Your Local Team

Whether it’s the netball team with the girls, your sons’ Sunday sport of choice or a niche sports club that you’ve just gotten your friends into, like bubble soccer, we have made hundreds of customised hats for local sports teams. All we need from you is your logo design and the fit you’d like your caps to be. Making custom hats for the team brings everyone together and solidifies that team spirit that we’re all hoping to to jump on board with. Make a few extra and hand them out to the supporters AKA mum and dad, to really build that community and strike fear into the opposition’s hearts. 

Show Off Your Brand

No matter what your line of business, it is always worth having some custom merchandise. Not so much for people to buy straight up, but to get people seeing your business name and logo around. Hopefully someone gets curious and you can enjoy a new business connection made through a well made embroidered hat. We can make one off orders or supply you with a set of identical hats too. From custom trucker hats to sleek, more corporate appropriate styles, there’s a hat to suit your brand's personality and colour way. 

A Gift No One Was Expecting

Getting short on gift ideas? In the era of everyone having everything already, custom is the best way to go. You can absolutely send us phrases or nicknames and we’ll be able to get a stunning cap ripe for the reaction video. We’ve also seen a fair few bridal parties or bucks night cap sets come through. We don’t have a minimum order, so if you’re looking to get a custom cap for each member of the crew, we’ve got you covered.


Some other ideas for the creative thinker:

  • Label the kids names for a unique family photo 
  • Order your friend a prank gift with an oddball nickname 
  • Create a set of emotion hats to help your young ones identify what they’re feeling 
  • Custom family vacation hats for the mem(e)ories 

Email us at for your next custom embroidery hat.

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