Brand Spotlight: Starter

Brand Spotlight: Starter

Whether your style is NBA t shirts, MLB Jerseys, or NFL snapbacks, all die hard sports fans will remember the brand Starter. They took the 90’s by storm. Relive your best  looks with a quick visit at CAP-Z to shop Starter. Here’s a little backstory on the brand itself.

They say no trend is really new. We’ve seen the return of all things 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s but now is undeniably all about the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Whether it was the star of your favourite tv show wearing a Starter jacket, your favourite sports star in a Starter snapback, or your all time favourite RnB star rocking some Starter street style. Starter has a place in every 90’s kids heart and it’s making a big comeback. 

Born in 1971 and founded out of a need for premium sportswear that didn’t sacrifice style, David Beckerman created Starter. The brand was made for all fans. From Major League baseball, to Basketball, American football, and hockey. Starter gave fans every fan something to wear.

In a decade where sports was as big as ever, naturally, sportswear became all the rage along with it. The 90’s was ruled by pop culture. Music, technology, fashion, and TV was all evolving into new territories and starter was able to position themselves right in the midst of it. 

The coolest celebs of the decade were watching sports and they were wearing it too. The marketing almost did itself when it came to Starter. With strong foundations and the perfect niche in the market, it’s no wonder why the brand found cult success so early on. The bold logo we all know and love was perfect for apparel. A brand that truly understands good design, all the way down to a logo people are proud to plaster all over their jackets and hats, is one to last decades. 

Humans are undeniably nostalgic. We love to rehash the glory days, the vintage jerseys, the players we loved, the teams we lost, and the plays that made history. When it comes to sportswear throwback apparel is no different. Starter has always provided a mix of modern stylish apparel with subtle nods to the era that made them, as well as all our favourite throwback gear. 

Known for the unforgettable satin bomber jackets, Starter was a 90’s style staple. Seen on the likes of Run DMC, Puff Daddy, sports coaches, and more. So how has Starter made it back onto our radar in 2020? 

The brand is continuing to deliver that old school flavour with new silhouettes, shapes, and colour ways. CAP-Z is now proudly stocking Starter snapbacks so you can start repping that retro logo again

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