Brand Spotlight - Our Favourite Styles of Brixton Snapback


Cap-z is excited for each new drop that Brixton has. They bring an eclectic and exclusive style to the store that is otherwise brimming with our fan favourite sports-centered hats. This brand spotlight is worth a mention as the Brixton Snapback gives us a solution for the customers that aren’t looking to showcase their team.

These hats are inspired by music, culture and the people who surround them. It’s the collaboration of three friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products. The timeless and clean designs of the Brixton collection are hard to duplicate and we stock them in a variety of modern yet traditional styles. Each piece is constructed with the promise to deliver a high quality and unique product that you’ll want to hold on to for as long as you can.

Our Top Picks:

Stith MP Mesh Cap Off White/Black:

This is a classic trucker hat style that won’t ever let you down. It has exceptional breathability and is flexible and comfortable to wear all year round. The colouring is neutral so can be worn with anything while also avoiding the ‘all-black’ look.

Oath III Snapback Nugget Gold:

A classic shape in a bright pop of colour. A long standing favourite style in headwear is the humble flat peak snapback. This particular model from Brixton has a high profile and will do its job in being seen. Also featuring a classic logo from the much-loved brand, the laid back trucker feel still comes through in this piece.

Messer Fedora Tobacco:

An all-rounder for those who are looking for a fedora or a felt hat that will suit all occasions. The popular Messer range is a medium flat-brim fedora and is available in a few different colourways. Messer also subtly boasts some attention to detailing with a leather band and a Brixton branded stamping on the side of the piece.

Hooligan Snap Cap Wash Navy:

This is a classic cut-and-sew snap cap that features custom Brixton silk lining. A very fitting classic accessory to any wardrobe. The classic colouring is complemented with a metal Brixton Shield badge on the rear/back of the hat. It’s timeless design is coming up in a big way for men and women fashion scenes alike.

Fiddler Cap Black Hunter:

We’ve seen a huge rise in the take-up of these distinctive hats. Perfectly unisex, this style calls back to vintage vibes and tops off any fashion forward outfit with ease. Although the black is a universal colour and very easy to wear, this style is also available in a dark grey acid wash which lets the details of this piece shine through. The hat has a classic fisherman shape crafted with a luxury wool-blend herringbone, a short curved peak and a twisted rope embellishment along the front of the crown secured with branded buttons.

Brixton hats is a diverse range that Cap-Z carry online and in store. It is a perfect solution for a gift to those who aren’t mad into sports or for those that want a hat to fit their own style.

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