Brand Spotlight: Flexfit

Brand Spotlight: Flexfit

A fan favourite brand at CAP-Z for many reasons, Flexfit Australia offers some of the best technology available on the market as well as some of the comfiest fits. We keep coming back for more with their Staple Wool Blend Fitted collection, this hat is perfect for keeping your head comfortably warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The Flexfit caps are also what we use for custom embroidery, email us to enquire about custom hats: 

The Flexfit story began with a single vision: to revolutionise the headwear industry with caps that challenge the norm. They developed great precision in every detail, while constantly developing creative and innovative products propelled by a passion for refined craftsmanship. It’s obvious that they put mindful design and quality engineering at the core of their collections, resulting in trailblazing headwear that continues to impact the world one cap at a time.

Always on a quest for ingenuity and innovation, pioneering has always been present in their DNA. Flexfit caps have been the most talked about headwear for decades. Ever since their introduction in 1994, they’ve been crowned as the original stretch-fit cap that offers unparalleled comfort and style. Born from this invention is the widely popular Flexfit 110 and they are still challenging the headwear industry. They’re all about never settling, but always evolving.

They maintain the very same integrity which is fundamental to the commitment in delivering high-quality, premium caps to our customers. Flexfit Australia also shows great integrity and ethics. Born with a vision to redefine the extraordinary, their unstoppable pursuit of innovation and evolution in this industry is consistent and exciting to be a part of. The products from Flexfit spotlight their commitment to innovations that drive the headwear industry and its customers.

Latest tech from Flexfit Australia:

The Cool and Dry Range

This technology quickly and effectively wicks sweat away from the head. It’s a perfect pick up for when you’re shopping a hat for the gym or for when you’re playing sports. It’ll keep you comfortable while preventing any overheating.

The Flexfit Tech 

A revolutionary blend of tech and performance. This defies conventional mechanics of fitted

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