Brand Spotlight: AS Colour

Brand Spotlight: AS Colour

CAP-Z is proud to stock an array of brands that bring street style, sports, and classic favourites to you. When it comes to basics, our favourites at AS Colour have everything you need. We stock a variety of the range, from AS Colour Shirts to hoodies, there’s something for every season. Have a read through and see how and why AS have grown as a brand, and some of our AS favourites at CAP-Z.

Born in New Zealand out of the need for good quality basic tees, AS Colour have cemented themselves as a household name. While they’ve become a no brainer go to for basic tees AS actually started without the retail side of things in mind. They began with a focus on wholesale, marketing themselves to screen printers and promoters, pedalling their products as the perfect blank canvas. The retail side of things happened somewhat naturally. Over time, through word of mouth and social media AS colour quickly attracted more and more customers leading them to shift their focus to their own retail operations. If anything, this was a testament to the quality of their product and ability to tap into a niche in the market.

Flash forward to now from those humble beginnings and people are wearing AS colour basics across Australia, New Zealand, The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Europe, Asia/Africa, and Latin America. So what’s so great about a company selling basics? The thing AS colour really seems to get is the merit in doing simple, and doing it right. 


Originally, AS wanted to be able to operate without relying on overseas distributors. This mentality of getting things right at the base level runs strong through the whole company. Having an in house design and production team, means that as a company AS are hyper adaptable. Any change in trends, any new colourways that hit the market, they are able to react almost instantaneously, and continue to satisfy their customers needs. It’s exactly this way of doing things that has encouraged such growth for AS colour.

AS pride themselves on being 100% transparent in their process, ethics, values, and products and really… why wouldn’t you when your practices are built around positive impact every step of the way. 

Behind any plain tee shirt or hoodie on their racks, is the integration of innovative and eco friendly materials, a wider range of fashion conscious cuts, and an encouragement for customers to branch out in colour choices.

Strong morals, good ethics, and sustainable practices have allowed AS colour to grow and expand. You can now find your basic tee as well as a streetwear fit from top to toe to go with it. From beanies, outerwear, socks, pants, and bags AS literally have you covered.

Here are some of our favourites from AS Colour. As always, cop yours in store or online with CAP-Z:

AS Colour Stencil Hood Army


AS Colour Staple Tee Grey Marle


AS Colour Base Long Sleeve White


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