Baller Style

Baller Style

In the quest for off-court baller style, Mitchell and Ness t-shirts are second to none. Ever since a basketball jersey was seen worn outside Milan Men’s Fashion Week, our Mitchell and Ness NBA t-shirts have been flying off the shelves, as consumers line up to capture the relaxed style of their favourite NBA players. Recently NBA players are looked up to for more than their sports prowess, as fans imitate their off-court style too. Fashion has become almost as important as the game itself, with the basketball court acting as a runway for men’s t-shirts, jerseys and sports shoes. A lot of this is inspired by the recent interest in the “Greatest Player of All Time” Michael Jordan, especially after ESPN aired their 10 hour “Last Dance” basketball documentary. However, Vogue Australia just ran an article on why Michael Jordan is a fashion icon, so it is clear this is no passing trend. Sports fans are loyal and they want their loyalty to translate into their street style.

But even those not that interested in the NBA are picking up their own Mitchell and Ness tee. Women have started shopping in the men’s section in search of the perfect oversized shirt. No longer content to just steal our boyfriend’s t-shirts, we are picking up on their style notes now, too. Oversized sport jerseys have been chronicled in fashion editorials for the past few years now, and this trend is only set to increase since the rise in popularity of athleisure wear. Of course, women are NBA fans too, but we’re definitely also shopping in the men’s department.

The cult status of the Mitchell and Ness t-shirt is now guaranteed with the revival of 90’s fashion. The decade’s nostalgic appeal is partly due to its expressive styles that blend well with contemporary clothing. We like getting inventive with nostalgic sportswear, from pairing player t-shirts with tailored jackets, to wearing team jerseys in place of the button-down shirt.

Let’s look at two of Mitchell and Ness’ most popular NBA-inspired t-shirts to see how they can be styled as everyday streetwear:

Chicago Bulls Special Script V Neck Mesh Tee

A mesh team jersey is a favourite among men and women for their total comfort and sports star credentials. They can be worn over long sleeved t-shirts, under a suit jacket or even as a t-shirt dress. Pair your jersey with matching black or white “mom” jeans for the ultimate 90’s throwback.

Seattle Sonics Tonal Wordmark Short Sleeve Tee

A classic NBA wordmark t-shirt looks good on its own over jeans or can be dressed up under a jacket. This tee is an everyday style fix that references the 90’s era through the vintage team logo across the shoulders.

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