The sporting world is as diverse as the fans that populate it. But with so many different types of sports and teams to support, how does anyone reach a decision when it comes to their personal style? There’s a lot of merchandise out there, with many brands ready to cater to each type of fan. New Era caps and Majestic t shirts line the wardrobes of sports devotees all over the world.

Whilst there are a variety of types of sports lovers and supporters out there, we’ve whittled it down to four major categories of sports fans. We’ve picked out a selection of merchandise suited to each type of fan in case you need any inspiration for your online shopping.

The Fanatical Fan

This type of fan is absolutely crazy about sports. An absolute die-hard fan is easy to spot. We’ve all got at least one friend who will know absolutely everything there is to know about their chosen sport and/or team. They’re like a walking encyclopedia for sports knowledge and of course fanatical when it comes to their team, which they will have unwavering loyalty for (unlike the Front-runner).

The Fanatical Fan will have an entire wardrobe filled to the brim with all sorts of sports merchandise in support of their favourite team. Multiple jerseys, baseball caps, hoodies, t-shirts...you name it, they probably have it!

The look:

Majestic Replica Boston Red Sox Jersey

New Era 9forty Boston Red Sox Cap

The Devoted Fan

Whilst not as intense a personality as a Fanatical Fan, the Devoted Fan will continue to remain loyal to their chosen team or player. They might not have all of the knowledge of a Fanatical Fan, but they do retain their passion and love for their sport.

The Devoted Fan might have a selection of carefully handpicked pieces, some of which might be well-worn from consistent use over a number of years. Although they usually won’t have a wardrobe chock-full of sports merch, these guys won’t shy away from some bold pieces.

The look:

Mitchell and Ness Los Angeles Lakers Jersey

Mitchell and Ness Los Angeles Lakers Fleece Jogger

The Front-Runner Fan

Also referred to as the Bandwagon or Fair-Weather Fan, this type of fan is one of those people that maintains that they’ve been a fan of a team since their college days, but you are almost certain they just pick whichever team is doing best and supports them. And then if that team isn’t doing particularly well one season, they might discreetly switch to another.

This type of fan will often have merch for a lot of different teams. Whilst it’s no crime to support multiple teams, bringing up random facts to support the fact that they’ve been a huge fan “since the beginning” might not always work. There are some things that can’t be learned via a Google search.

The look:

Mitchell and Ness Legacy Los Angeles Rams Jersey

Mitchell and Ness Pittsburgh Steelers Snapback Cap

Nike Kansas City Chiefs Logo Tee

The Temporary Fan

Also known as the novice, these types of sports fans can really get into a game and maybe even possibly a season of something but engage with sports very casually with nowhere near as much commitment or consistent enthusiasm as other types of fans.

Their style is fairly laid back. You probably won’t catch them in head to toe New York Yankees attire complete with jersey and foam finger. But that’s okay! These types of fans are generally pretty chill when it comes to their sports merch. You’ll probably spot them sporting a logo tee and neutral bottoms for a low-key look.

The look:

Majestic New York Yankees Kardy Tee

Majestic New York Yankees Champlain Short

There you have it – four key types of sports fans to look out for at your next game. And if you fit into one of these categories, we’ve got plenty of merch for you to add to your collection!

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