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CAYLER & SONS – THE brand for authentic premium quality headwear

Even if CAYLER & SONS is widely known as a streetwear brand today, the brand started out in 2012 with a collection of snapback caps and has continued to build its success story ever since. Authentic and premium quality caps are the product that is still identified most strongly with CAYLER & SONS today – and there’s a good reason why. CAYLER & SONS has dedicated itself to producing unique headwear of supreme quality and unrivaled authenticity – an approach that has not changed in the slightest over the brand’s five-year existence.

Caps of the highest quality

The extremely high standard that CAYLER & SONS has set for itself – both in terms of quality as well as originality – have defined the brand from day one and has not changed one bit! CAYLER & SONS’ caps have continuously raised the bar and established a fan base in more than 30 countries worldwide. The superior craftsmanship and relentless attention to detail when it comes to picking the best fabrics and designs have left the competition grasping for air.

Snapback caps don’t always have to feature sports teams!

CAYLER & SONS has entered the game in 2012 with a strong conviction, that snapback caps should not only be reserved for bearing the logos of sports teams. The brand has built upon that philosophy ever since and has managed to create an entire lineup around inspired by music – most notably rap and hip hop of course – and modern pop culture. The multitude of designs is heavily influenced by current trends and contemporary personalities and themes – usually with a healthy dose of irony and humor. The unique CAYLER & SONS twist in its essence.

CAYLER & SONS’ expertise can most notably be seen in the wide range of different models that make up the brand’s cap lineup:

  • Snapback caps – the ultimate classic when it comes to streetwear, decorated with various applications and elaborate embroideries
  • Curved caps – also known as dad caps, boasting a curved brim and minimal graphics or branding
  • 5-panel caps – the classic cut of this cap is especially popular in the skating community


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